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Resolution Group International (RGI) was formed by experienced military, law enforcement and education professionals to provide a specialized approach to conflict resolution and conflict resolution training.  Our synergistic formula of ethical, verbal and physical skills is unique.  The methodology was first devised to "win hearts and minds" overseas.  Subsequently, it has been expanded and adapted for use in a wide-variety of conflict scenarios both in the U.S. and abroad.  RGI specializes in:

  • Ethics presentations
  • Leadership training
  • Tactical Communication
  • Cross-Culture Conflict Resolution
  • Defensive Tactics and Combatives

RGI speakers and instructors have a wide and unusual scope of experiences and skills. We work with the military, law enforcement and non-governmental organizations, and corporate businesses.

  • Improve Community Relations
  • Avoid negative publicity and civil liability issues

RGI's programs are unique in that they:

  • Have an approach and methodology validated by the US Marines and law enforcement personnel nationwide.
  • Have at the core a strong character and values element.
  • Include a powerful cross-cultural conflict resolution element.
  • Are true sustainable programs, rather than just a training package.

In addition to receiving world-class tactical skills training, participants in RGI training typically:

  • Obtain a clearer understanding of the "nature of human nature."
  • Develop a better understanding of moral values and ethics.
  • Understand the art of keeping the "moral compass" calibrated under stress.
  • Learn how to deal effectively with cultural differences – whether or not they "know" the culture.
  • Gain insight into what to do when cultural differences cannot be reconciled.

We offer:

  • Program Development
  • Implementation & Training
  • Sustainment

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